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According to the 2021 Fast Food Industry Insight Report by CBNData, the fast food industry is expected to have reached a market size of 250 billion CNY. The prospect of the blue ocean market attracts a constant capital inflow. As shown in the incomplete statistics of the Tian YanCha, the fast food industry contributed more than 10 financing rounds in 2021, with a total amount of more than 1.057 billion CNY.


A survey conducted by Ipsos shows that 75% of consumers believe that self-heating packaging requiring no additional cooking will meet their needs, while 80% of consumers expect microwaveable, ready-to-eat packaging to satisfy their demands. In the future, with the upgrading consumer demand, the fast food that is convenient and delicious may usher in new growth.

● Instant spaghetti: advancing the "New Fast Food" in China


Airmeter, a Chinese spaghetti brand, was the first to introduce the concept of "instant spaghetti" in the mainland of China, popularizing instant and universal spaghetti. It pre-packages noodles, sauces, salt, oil and other condiments in "little colorful boxes".

   Airmeter instant spaghetti 

   Source: Airmeter 

    Airmeter’s instant spaghetti, sauce packs and 5                seasoning packets

    Source: Airmeter 

● Ding Bag: packaging technology makes fast and delicious simultaneously accessible


The microwave fast food packaging of Ding Bag is a bag with an exhaust port, like a mini pressure cooker with heat circulation. When the microwave oven heats up the inside of the bag will generate steam, forming internal heat convection, and once the steam makes the bag deformation reaching a certain critical point, the exhaust port will automatically open for exhaust.

Source: Ding Bag

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